How Does it Work?


At the kick-off event in November you will meet the mentors and learn how you can participate in the program to potentially win the price money.

Monthly Meetings

In the following monthly meetings at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management you will learn about business plans, how to put your financing and marketing together and how to present your final business plan to investors in general or the EoT jury committee at the end of the program. At each of the meetings you will also meet young entrepreneurs who have just started a new business and will tell you about their way to success.


Personal mentors will guide you during and in-between the monthly meetings. Each meeting has a main topic and a presenter who is a specialist in the respective field.

Business English

The language of the program is English, and all entries must be submitted in English – the language of international business today.


To participate you must register here. The registration deadline is December 4th.

The monthly meetings will be held at the following dates:

04. November 2016 Kick-Off Meeting
16. December 2016 1st Mentor Meeting
13. January 2017 2nd Mentor Meeting
10. February 2017 3rd Mentor Meeting
24. March 2017 4st Mentor Meeting


The monthly meetings will be held at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, located nearly the European Central Bank Building in Frankfurt /Main.